Funny and Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples 2017

Halloween Costume Ideas

Stumped for Halloween costume ideas? Have a look around here!

Halloween Costume Ideas – Hello everyone! I have decided to great a blog on Halloween costume ideas because I think many people need help on what to wear for Halloween. Now we all know that we are in living in a fast changing world and every year we get to see new characters be it maybe in the movies or perhaps in some comic book or a character that you see somewhere, these new characters give you new ideas for your Halloween costumes. Then of course there are always the favourites, these include the everlasting popular superheroes such as batman, superman, wonder woman and perhaps the villains as well. In this blog, I not only want to take you through some of the more popular Halloween costume ideas 2010 but also look forward to providing some insights on what may be 2011 Halloween costume ideas.

halloween costume ideas

Besides the popular Halloween costumes that you can purchase or buy online, there are many people with great ingenious ideas and who have come up with homemade Halloween costume ideas. I have seen people who have put together or sewn together pieces of cloth to create their very own scary costumes. Of course some of these are their own creative creations or they may have created something similar to a costume that somebody can buy online, say their own homemade Stormtrooper costume or maybe Yoda, to borrow some characters from Star Wars.
Yet I do think it is easier to just buy your halloween costumes online. Do you know that there are just so many choices that you make online that is it so tough to get a costume? You will seriously be spoilt for choice. Take for example if you are checking out some Halloween costume ideas for women, you can look at the Lady Gaga Printed Black Glasses or Lady Gaga headscarf if you are a Lady Gaga fan, or even a Star Wars Princess Leia costume that will definitely knock the men out if you got the guts to flaunt your figure. Then of course there are other good halloween costume ideas, some for couples and some for groups.

Superhero Halloween Costumes :

Superhero halloween costumes are a sure hit for young boys and girls every Halloween. Getting a costume today is so easy.  They’ve become very inexpensive and there are so many to chose from at your local store.  If you can’t find it at your local costume shop, you will almost surely find it on-line.  Whatever character you can think of,  somewhere online there is a merchant selling it.  But you don’t want to be no wimpy character, you want to be the best and the baddest – and what better to choose from than a huge selection of superhero Halloween costumes.  Here are some of the toughest and baddest superhero costumes for adults and kids; female superhero costumes like harley quinn costume, wonder woman costume etc., ; male superhero costume

Harley Quinn Costume: Harley Quinn is one of the Gotham Girls that have captivated the imagination and hearts of every comic book hero fans! They will be more surprised if they can see one of these Gotham Girls walking past by them on one icy-cold adventurous Halloween night and that could be… you

Transformers Costumes – “Transformers, more than meets the eyes. Transformers robots in disguise.” Made popular recently by two big screen movies Transformers are no longer a thing of the past.  Every kid loves Transformers now.

Ironman Costumes – Also made popular by a movie Iron Man costumes are the rage these days.  This Halloween you can be Tony Stark.  The boy genius turned weapons maker turned peace maker.

Spiderman Costume – Another great superhero halloween costume made popular by Hollywood is the Spiderman costume. Originally we had only the classic flashy red outfit.  The blockbuster Spiderman 3 has popularized the darker, evil black Spiderman costume.

Batman Costume – The Batman outfits on TV and the big screen have evolved over time and so have the costumes.  If you are a fan of the originally ran TV series in the 1960s then you will be more fond of the reto style Batman Costumes.  If you are more of a younger age group your going to more familiar with the mysterious all black Batman the Dark Knight Costume.  The Dark Knight Costume features a black bodysuit with molded chest armor, a utility belt, black mask, and cape.  It’s really amazing how much the Batman character outfit has evolved over the years.

Wonder Woman Costume – Yes, she is a woman, but boy is she tough.  The Wonder Woman costume is a classic and much like the Superman costume, it is one of a kind and remains one of the most popular costumes of all time.   However, the Wonder Woman costume is much more elaborate than Supermans.  If you go all out and get the Lasso of Truth, the gold bracelets (better known as vambraces), the red boots, and of course the crown, this costume will surely turn heads.

Superman Costumes – “Look up in the sky!!! It a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s Superman!!!” Possibly the most widely known superhero ever but the least impersonated.  Why? Maybe because only the bravest would dare to wear the blue tights with red Speedos. Certainly not the sexiest of costumes but the popularity of Smallville has made this a great character to emulate.  Dare to be Superman this Halloween?

Thor Costumes – Are you a big fan of Thor? and Fancy to lift the Thor hammer. Thor costume would be a perfect outfit for Halloween, as the fans are eagerly waiting for Thor 3.

Movie Halloween costume:

Halloween Movie costumes usually take the crown to be  some of the most popular and hot selections for Halloween, and 2017 is no different! This year has experienced the release of a number of the biggest blockbusters, packed full of interesting Halloween character ideas for kids and adults likewise. Here’s our pick of the top 10 to dress up as this Halloween:

Avatar Costumes: There is no doubt that the Avatar movie release will go down in history books. With the most extraordinary effects seen in a big blockbuster movie, it also launched a whole new race of creatures known as the Na’vi. Whether or not you choose to go attired as Jake Sully’s avatar, or pick Neytiri the Na’vi princess, you will be sure to turn heads and be center of attraction in this blue-skinned outfit!

Toy Story 3 Costumes: Kids and adults similarly hit movie theatres to catch up on the 3 rd installment of the loveable toys’ adventures. Even though some new characters were brought in its nevertheless the old-school favorites that on the the way to be top hits this Halloween: Buzz Lightyear the spaceman, Jessie the cowgirl, ,and Woody the cowboy.

Alice in Wonderland Costumes: This modern twist on a classic story took the characters into a whole new direction. I would sincerely say this brings the perfect inspiration for movie Halloween costumes this year, no doubt. The most famous costume for men and guys is certainly going to be Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter, and for my dear ladies and women the neurotic Red Queen of Hearts. However the great news is that there are enough costume options here for a whole full house party!

Twilight Costume – Lights of the Night: Nothing obscures the popularity and magic of this romantic vampire tale. Children, teens and adults all over will without a doubt be ready to play out the roles of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen for the night!

Kick Ass Costume: Not one for kids, Kick Ass is guranteed to be a smash hit this Halloween, with most people even uncovering their own unique superhero personas and costumes as inspired by the premise of the movie.

Shrek Costume: Shrek made a comeback this year for its “Forever After” installment, so there is no questioning the fact that it’s popularity and stardom rise to the sky. Costume selections like the comedic Donkey sidekick, beautiful Princess Fiona, the Gingerbread man or grumpy ogre Shrek himself!

Harry Potter Costumes: Famous with many kids, it is no secret that this is rated among the biggest movie Halloween costume themes! The Harry Potter franchise is MASSIVE and kids will be in cue to act their beloved characters from the movies and books. Get yourself decked out with some authentic Hogwarts uniform, and that all-important magic wand, and you’ll be set to go!

How to Train Your Dragon Costume: This may not be popular as the other movies, but it was a big hit with the kids in 2010. It’s guaranteed to be famous come Halloween day, thanks to the fact that you’ll find so many fascinating characters to choose from, both Dragon and Viking.

Funny Halloween Costumes

Funny Halloween Costumes – Hello there again folks! For today’s post I am going to focus on more Halloween costumes again but today’s theme is funny! Yes funny, hilarious, amusing, comical or simply entertaining Halloween costumes are what many people would like and enjoy! Not only do you want your friends to be laughing and having a good time this Halloween, you would want to buy a Halloween costume that will make you stand out in some funnyness! So let us move on to some funny Halloween costume ideas and I will also try to show you some costumes which were good for 2009 or 2010 and what may be popular for 2011.
First of all I would like to say that there are plenty of funny Halloween costumes around, so you can not only find funny Halloween costumes for couples or groups, but for women, men, kids and babies too or even adults, tweens or teens like young girls, boys or pregnant women too. If you have pets or animals at home, you can get some funny Halloween costumes for dogs too! There is simply something for everyone. I aim to provide some info on some easy, cheap, creative or even homemade funny Halloween costumes which can be created at the last minute.

Creative Halloween Costumes

 Creative Halloween Costumes – I have been talking about so many Halloween costumes and now is the time to look at those which I deem to be creative. There are really plenty of creative halloween costumes that I have seen in 2010 and 2009 and I have no idea what new ideas people will have for 2011. I can only say that being creative allows you to stand out from the crowd. I had quite a hard time finding some Halloween costumes which were really creative. The most creative are actually those original ones which are manmade or homemade and created by you. Of course that can be some work and most people choose to buy Halloween costumes available online, instead of making their own. While there are already some creative Halloween costumes which can be purchased online, I am not sure how long these costumes have been around, and the thing most people are afraid of is if the idea is now stale.
Nevertheless I do hope to introduce some creative halloween costumes for adults including women, men, couples as well as teens and kids, teenage girls, boys, toddlers and babies and other groups such as college students or pregnant women costume. Let me start with creative halloween costumes for guys shall we? I guess you find the most creative costumes on the men because they just are not particular with their dressing and do not care about being ridiculed either. What they want to create is an atmosphere of fun and get people and maybe girls to laugh at their funny and creative Halloween costumes. So let us look at what guys can wear these days.