Chinese new year history

The history of chinese new year

There is no clear evidence about the period when this Chinese new year celebration was started, but it dates back during the period of the Emperor Yao and Shun (Approx 2300 BC). During his rule, the activities involving Chinese new year celebration was sparsely introduced though the dates of celebration fluctuated from the mid of winter to the early spring. It was not until the Shang Dynasty between the period (approx 1766 BC – 1122 BC), Chinese new year celebration was started as a religious ceremony. Later, Han Dynasty that flourished between the period (206 BC – 220 BC) made it official to celebrate at the first day of the month and also introduced the cracking of bamboos as it makes noise that will drive away the evil spirit. Eventually, the custom of using fireworks in the Chinese new year celebration came into existence during Wei (220 – 265 BC) and Jin Dynasties (265 – 420 BC)

Nian – The mythical beast

Chinese new year 2017 nian

According to the Chinese mythology, the commencement of the Chinese New year started with a mythical beast named “Nian” that had the body of an ox and the head of a male lion. This mythical creature was threatening a village and would eat the villagers. Later, it was found that the Nian was afraid of the red color and loud noises. Ever since that, the usage of red colored clothes, spring scrolls and fireworks to drive away the evil which eventually became a part of their new year custom.

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