About Chinese lunar New Year

What is Chinese lunar new year?

Chinese lunar new year
The Chinese lunar new year(Chinese new year) or Spring festival is an exuberant festival for the Chinese that is celebrated every year. The Chinese follow the lunisolar calendar where the dates indicate the phase of the moon and the time of the solar year, where as the commonly used Gregorian calendar is a example of solar calendar.

Typically, a month on lunar calendar is 2 days shorter than the the month on solar calendar, so inorrder to compensate that periodic gap an extra month is added to it for every few years. That’s the sole reason the Chinese lunar new year falls on different dates in the solar calendar or the Gregorian calendar.

So that explains why the Chinese new year 2016 was on 02-08-2016 and the next Chinese new year 2017 is gonna be on 01-28-2017.

Chinese celebrate Chinese new year for 15 days

Generally, the Chinese new year is considered to be major celebration for the Chinese, and it lasts up to 15days. Each day of the celebration has got its own significance from decoration, cooking traditional chinese food, honoring the ancestors, fireworks to the famous Lantern festival.

Countries that celebrate Chinese lunar new year

The Chinese lunar new year festival has centuries old myths and numerous traditions. Moreover, the festival is commonly celebrated in China, Korean peninsula, Japan, Mongolia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Brunei, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia and other countries with significant Chinese population. Moreover each Chinese lunar new year signify a Chinese New year animal, as the Year 2017 is going to be the Year of the Rooster.

 Chinese lunar new year

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